Tuesday, October 20, 2009

blog moved

I will no longer blogging here, and this blog has official moved, rebranded and taken to the next level, so it will not be running anymore.
here's my latest blog , check it if you have a minute or two.
note, im ain't going to move any posts or entries, so i'll just keeping this here for the moment.



Thursday, October 15, 2009


so i'm pretty much done with this session.
well above this the first shot on the left is actually working without any extra lights, so it's only
the nature light- sunlight. and i did chosen a couple non strobing shots this time, those that was
taken around 6 in the evening, because at that time between 6 - 7 the ambient started getting
low, which it produce really soft shadows, and excellent dramatic light.

flashes is all i've been working with all this time, so those might not be my best shots, but it's
worth for sharing perhaps?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

back in 2 | group shot

sunday, day out to the northern coast to get the job done, it's been like two weeks since our last strobing projects, well infact we have been planning for this quite sometime before, and some sort of preparations and DIY gears as i mentioned before, but unfortunately it never had a chance being into play.
now with all the pretty girls, the process gone really well for this session, eventhou it was pretty tough, but it's been a great time for collaborating. the works will be up soon or later, so stay put.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

before and after

nothing much have done two weeks back,
processor hard-drive went burst while i
was working on some projects for the clients.
trying hard to recover back the all data,
but nothing much left though.

well we have DIY a 10 meter x 10 meter
sunlight shine through translucent sheet
with the PVC builded frame for the sunday
photo-shooting session . so we came to
a coast which closed by where i live for a
try out on saturday. on the day we was sitting
there at the coast for hours. eventually we
get to witnessed the entire progress of the
gigantic raining clouds coming toward us and
takes over Penang island in very short period.
well as you can clearly see what we saw on
that day in the photos for the before and
after shots.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


well it was a serious burning hot day, we was at the beach fortunately, it's pretty gusty though not as worse as in the town. well, we were looking up for a new spot for the upcoming photo session, so we heading up to the beaches anywhere around the northern coast, got us a spot which at the teluk pahang area, not as loaded and massed as the batu ferringhi coast, it give us a great space or working, no interruption and no extra works after when post-procession. So we kinda observed around for the suitable scene and angle, and took a few snaps here you can see on the above...

well infact we've bought some new stuffs & equipments, a couple super clamps, 12x12 meters blank sheet, stands...and so on, it will be a try-out for the light setups, it will do pretty handy, we'll see how to goes anyway. stay put :)

bear me with that two test shots on the side, it was really quick...so it's kind of a bit off.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

time of your life

well, as I mentioned before about the portrait shots and i had hard time on going
through post progressing of all the photos, so i choose one of my personal favorite,
so there you go..
view on large for the great details that can't be seen on the above - large -
follow me on my flicker -

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day out

a good lesson learnt that not to wear flip-flops for shooting day out, especially when you knows that
you were gonna have to walk for miles, the flip-flops thongs will gonna scratch your skins bit by bits

atop of this was two of the shots that was taken yesterday. we came up with this idea for our day out
shooting without much thought , cause it's been awhile since our last out for street photography, kinda
missed that though..
and i've to say i was pretty tired, didn't really sleep well on the other night; like i said it was a sudden
plan. but it's been quite relaxing, unlike every other day out, the weather is actually pretty cool, not
even a inch of burnt skin after a 5 hours walked around town, although i got some skin scratched coz of
the flip-flop straps

so far that's the only two im get it done with, there's still couple more to go on, and also some of my
favorite portrait shots. guess i need to get my ass back to work, and more effort on my fave portrait shots!
way to go!